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Featured Weight Loss Success Story Of The Year 


Each year, each year at Iron Will Fitness we make it our mission to recognize someone who has displayed extraordinary commitment to the world of fitness by making a change in their life that will allow them to live a healthier, more disciplined lifestyle.

If you are trying to make a change in your life through fitness and weight loss, I hope I can help you and feature your story next year. This year we present to you Sergio Sierra.
















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Finding Sergio

My Weight Loss Journey, Taking The First Step And Ending In Triumph!

Hello, my name is Sergio Sierra, and I would like to personally thank Iron Will Fitness for sharing their platform, which allows me to share my weight loss journey with you.

I also would like to personally thank you for taking the time to read my weight loss journey story.

I'll begin with when I was younger, and then take you on my journey of weight loss, initially weighing in at 309 pounds to now weighing in at 183 pounds.

I don't want to burden you with mathematics, so I will calculate my weight loss for you. I dropped an amazing 126 pounds. My eyes and mouth popped wide open when I got on that scale and realized I had accomplished something that I never thought, would happen in my life.

As I look back on my younger years and some of the emotional things that I went through as an overweight teen in high school, such as depression and anxiety, which caused me to overeat,  and trigger tears. The tears that are triggered now are from pure elation regarding my weight loss.

During High School, my heaviest weight was 275 pounds. Although I was never bullied, I always kept to myself. Being overweight eroded my self-esteem and caused me to isolate myself. I always thought no one would like me much due to my weight. I tried everything I could to combat my weight as it fluctuated up and down, from being on the soccer and basketball team, but I never stuck with either one of them.

When I graduated in 2016, I graduated with a diploma in one hand and walked off the stage with my weight being the same. Being out in the real world, and no longer amongst my peers were some trying times for me.

I learned to wear a mask of happiness, even though I could tell people's stares would voice what they were really thinking. I decided to make a change in my life and took my first bold step into a gym.

However, things started to turn around for the best when I started kickboxing training at Thorton Martial Arts in Manchester, Connecticut. Here is where I was introduced to William (Will) "Knightmare" Knight. This introduction changed my life, and I will be forever indebted to him for the belief he had in me and still does to this day.

It was during my training sessions with him that I was introduced to Iron Will Fitness, also located in Manchester, Connecticut. I must admit I was very intimidated because everyone looked so fit, and I felt out of place. Carmen Hormanza, the owner of Iron Will Fitness, was so welcoming as well as the others who worked out there.

During my initial training with Will, I didn't think I could keep going, but he pushed and encouraged me to never quit. I didn't quit and felt confident that I could battle this weight loss training out another day.

After a few weeks, I started seeing results. The ultimate high came when I could no longer fit into the pants I once wore. The victory dance came when I stepped on the scale and realized I had dropped 126 pounds and did it in a year and three months. I am so proud that I did it the natural way and not by pills, powder, or supplements.

In closing, my message to you, especially if you are in High School and suffering from a weight issue, hold your head up high and don't let other's opinions affect you. If you chose not to lose weight, that is your choice but please, think about your health.

Healthy eating and daily exercise is a new way of life for me. I can smile now because I am a proud trainer of children at Thorton Martial Arts.

After once walking around with low self-esteem, I can now say, I am walking on "cloud nine" with my head held high. Many thanks to my trainer William Knight and Iron Will Fitness for helping me bury the old Sergio and finding the new one!

Sergio Serria

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